I'm so glad you stumbled across my Blog, Pass Around the Smile.  My aim is to have you leaving here feeling inspired, positive, excited and ready to live your best life! 

My name is Cleo, I'm an actress & a positive lifestyle blogger & speaker from the Gold Coast, Australia.  In 2015 I started this blog in the hope to spread positivity and literally... 'pass around the smile!' Nearly four years on, my dream is coming true!

I am an absolute lover & believer of the Law of Attraction and after years of reading & watching anything Law of Attraction related, along with my own crazy experiences, I wanted to spread the word even further. YOU have complete control over your life and YOU can manifest anything you want into existence! I find that SO exciting! You have a power beyond anything you could imagine and so many people don't realise this. For those of you who don't know the first thing about the Law of Attraction - no problem! Have a look in my archive and scroll back, or just keep in mind that when you put positivity out into the Universe, you WILL get it back - it's pretty simple. 

In saying this, Pass Around the Smile isn't ALL about the Law of Attraction, I cover all topics from dealing with negativity, meditating, self doubt, self love, confidence, finding your right path, balance and a lot about how being generally positive will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine! 

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you, so please get in contact or leave me a comment! It inspires me to write more & more of that magical, warm & fuzzy, feel good stuff when I know that people are benefiting. 

My goal is simple - to inspire and encourage people to realise their full power and potential. 

I hope my blog finds you at just the right time. 

Cleo xx