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Motivational Speaking:

While Pass Around the Smile is a blog, I'm loving using it as a verbal/interactive project as well! I hold my own ‘Pass Around the Smile Events’ and I have also been a guest speaker at events such as 'Girls Who Glow,’ 'Minding Her Business,' ‘The Real Girls, Real Success Convention,’ ‘The Couch Outloud’s Feel Good Show’ and Griffith University’s International Women’s Day.

Along with speaking about self love, motivation, positivity and the law of attraction, I am also available to chat about my experience in the Film & Television industry, as well as how I made my social media pages into a POSITIVE business venture.

Growing up in a tough industry, I have been subject to a lot of online bullying and frequent rejection. After years and years of this, I've finally found a way to ignore the negativity and focus on the positive! I have a passion for sharing this and helping people, especially children and teens. I can relate and connect to the youth of today, as a lot of this negativity occurred through my teen years. I believe there is a need to educate children about comparing themselves and using social media positively. 

If there are any blogs you are particularly interested in, I am more than happy to focus on that and can design a workshop that interests you and your audience. 

I'm not limited to speaking at motivational/inspiring workshops and events, I am more than happy to speak at schools, workplaces, webinars or any other events like parties or Film & TV functions/screenings.  

Blog Collaborations:

I absolutely LOVE working with like-minded, positive boss ladies! (And men!) But I'm all for girl power! If you create similar content and are passionate about helping and inspiring people, then please let me know!

Mentoring/One Off Workshops

For the actors reading my blog! I have a four week one-on-one mentoring program designed to help actors of any level. I have been running this program for two years and have had actors sign with agents and book roles because of it! I also offer customised 'one off' acting or audition workshops which can focus on whatever you need. For more information, please use my contact box! 

Get In Touch

Don't be afraid to reach out, send me an email via my contact page!