You Can Tell Your Own Future

I know lots of people, including myself who have gone to see psychics in the past. While some are amazing, and can talk to deceased loved ones or know your name or things about your life without asking, YOU know way more than they do. 

If you read my blogs often, you will know a little about the Law of Attraction. Basically it's a law that has proven to be just as powerful as other laws, like the law of gravity for example. The trick with the Law of Attraction is that if you completely believe and understand it, you can create your life exactly how you want it. 

A lot of people go to psychics because they think it will make them feel better about themselves or their lives. Or they might think it will give them something to get excited about. Which is fair enough! But you can do that yourself. 

Usually whatever the psychic/healer tells you, you will believe - right? If the psychic says, 'well unfortunately you're going to lose a lot of money soon', you are going to continuously think and worry about when this loss of money is going to happen and how you're going to cope. That's exactly what NOT to do. By doing that, you are giving out negative vibes, and you're going to attract exactly what you're thinking about: debt, loss of money, no work. In some ways a psychic could be great! If they tell you positive things like, 'you are going to find your soul mate soon', or 'an old friendship will be rekindled', you are going to believe them once again, right? You will know in your mind that this is 100% going to happen, and therefore you're on a positive frequency, telling the Universe what you want by believing that what you want is coming, or is already here. 

(Remember; believing that something is already so and that whatever you want has already been created, is much more powerful than believing that something is 'coming', or 'on it's way.')

You don't have to be told this stuff to believe it. Tell yourself what you want and make a conscious effort to believe you already have it. 

There is no need to go to someone else just so they can tell you want you might want or what you might not want to hear. You have no idea what they will tell you, and why risk that? Anyway, often the things they tell you are just a reflection of your aura, thoughts and the vibrations you are giving off at that time. You can change that in an instant by changing your thoughts. The only person who can change your life is YOU

When I went to a psychic, the lady told me things I did want to hear, along with things I didn't want to hear. I left jumbled and confused! Excited about the good stuff, but also a little down about the not so good stuff. I also found myself waiting around for the good stuff. And now I see why these things didn't end up coming about! I was constantly 'waiting,' and 'looking' for something that wasn't there. I needed to instead, believe it had already been created and completely relax knowing that it was already so. 


'It's already so' has come from a Youtube meditation I listen to by YouAreCreators. At first I was confused by what 'it's already so' meant, but once you listen to this meditation it becomes very clear. It basically means what you have asked for, has been created. It's somewhere in the Universe waiting to happen. It's a thing. It's there. It's coming. It's already so. I've attached the video to this blog, it's a great way to relax, and manifest anything you want. 

Wrapping up this blog, YOU are the only person who can tell your future, and YOU can create whatever future you would like. Choose to be excited. Choose positive thoughts over negative ones. Choose to believe! 

Cleo xx


VLOG - Law of Attraction

So today is a different kind of Blog, it's a Vlog! 

Please don't hesitate to leave comments below if you're confused about anything or have any questions! 

This Vlog is all about the Law of Attraction, enjoy! 

Cleo xx


Trust the Process

I often talk about the Law of Attraction because I think it's amazing. There are stories out there from people who have actively used the power of positive thought and the law of attraction that have blown my mind. We really do have complete control over our lives, and while we may not have complete control of our thoughts, we do have control over which thoughts we give attention too. 

Giving your good thoughts attention only creates more good thoughts. When you have good thoughts, you say positive things, you do positive things and subconsciously you surround yourself with positive people and situations. By doing this, you have already put yourself on a great frequency. 

If you have read The Secret or other books on the Law of Attraction, you will know about frequencies. Basically you can put yourself on any frequency whether it be a negative one, or a positive one. When you are on the right frequency, you will know. You will feel good, positive and happy. Your frequency is constantly being sent out into the Universe, and you only get back what you put in.

The Secret has steps:

1. Ask.

2. Believe. 

3. Receive. 

It's really as simple as that. When you make an order online, you trust and know that that item you ordered is yours right? Treat the Law of Attraction the same. If you ask for something, the next step is to truly believe that you have that something. Believe that you deserve it and that it's already in your possession. Imagine the feeling of receiving it, talk about it and relax knowing that whatever it is you want, is yours. 

Then what you need to do, is throw the thought away, and TRUST THE PROCESS! It's tough, because when you want something it is normal to constantly think about that something. But once you have done the work of asking and believing that it is yours, just go on living your life like normal. You have to trust that what you asked for is coming. And the Universe will do so in the best way possible for YOU. 

Make sure you don't fall into the trap of freaking out because whatever you want has not arrived yet. It's very easy to get impatient, but this will only slow the process down. You will send out negative thoughts, and put yourself on a negative frequency. Then of course, the Universe will give you back what you have been putting in - NEGATIVITY! 

A lot of the time we are using the Law of Attraction without even knowing, and that is actually the best way to do it. If you are constantly wishing for something, and waiting for something good to appear it's not going to happen. Because you are 'wishing' and 'waiting' for something that you don't have. You need to ask, believe and then let it all go, and you will receive. 


Cleo xx 


How to Find Your Niche! (Exercise Wise)

I have never been a lover of exercise, in fact I would say I used to be a hater of exercise! 

If you visit my blog often, you would have previously read something like, 'life is short,' or 'don't waste your time doing things that you don't like,' 'live life to the fullest,' etc etc. Well, in this post I will be talking about just that!

Life IS short, and life IS amazing, so don't waste time doing things that you don't like! Moving your body is important, and exercising is proven to release endorphins which make you happy. I'm sure everyone reading this has exercised before, so you would know too, that exercising also makes you feel really good afterwards. Maybe you get a sense of pride or just a general good feeling within yourself. 

I definitely like the feeling I get after exercising, although the feeling before, I really don't enjoy. If you're like me, you will DREAD exercising. But I now see that I was only dreading exercising because the type of exercising I was doing wasn't right for me. Say if I had a boxing class after work, I would spend all day thinking about it and not looking forward to it. That is wasting time! That is being negative when it's not necessary, and putting negative thoughts out into the Universe which is the last thing we want to do!

So I decided to try new things, and I didn't put any pressure on myself to do so. I feel when you don't put pressure on yourself, you automatically relax, and feel a sense of freedom. What's the point of putting pressure on ourselves? Take your time, do everything at your own pace, and stop comparing yourself to others! (Especially on Social Media!) 

So I went from running on the beach, to boxing, to F45, to power walks and I found myself still dreading the exercise. All the classes I was doing were amazing, but they just weren't for me. 

While I said I HATED exercise, I did enjoy dancing (because who doesn't), and walking on the beach. Walks whether it be on the beach or on a side path is such an amazing way to clear your head. It's also a great way to catch up with friends or spend time with your Dog! But I needed more...

Then I decided to try Pilates. I had seen it come up in my news feed and found online that there was a KX Pilates right near my house at Miami! Oh my God. I walked in, and automatically felt relaxed. Not only is their venue relaxing and positive, but their instructors and even customers all seem to reflect that vibe as well. There was no pressure which I loved, you can do every exercise at your own pace and with how ever much pressure on your machine that you feel necessary. There are positive quotes all around the room, and everyone who is there, of all shapes, sizes and ages all seem to support each other through the classes. 

I have now been doing KX Pilates for 2 months, and I'm still loving it. I've found my niche! If you're like me and struggling to find the motivation to keep moving, give Pilates a try. It's the perfect mix of slow and steady but still works you out completely. Plus, each class is different, there is no way you could get bored in these classes.

Another thing I found with Pilates is that I have noticed results. WHAT?! RESULTS?! FROM EXERCISE?! I don't think I have ever noticed results from exercise in my life. I have always remained a similar shape, and that's because I wasn't exercising regularly or pushing myself because I didn't enjoy it! What I'm excited about is I'm getting the results I want! No muscles or anything crazy, I just feel way better within myself. I'm more flexible and becoming more toned. When I wake up, I rarely have a sore back and neck anymore, and I do put it down to Pilates, because you are stretching and working every muscle in your body, but not in a vigorous way!

Whatever your niche is, I really hope you find it! Because as always, the scientists are right, exercising does release endorphins and that does make you HAPPY! The happier you are the more positive you are, and the more positive you are, the more good things you attract! And then, BAM you're living your life the way you want by using the Law of Attraction without even knowing. Congrats! 


Surround Yourself with Goodness!

It's so easy in this day and age to be surrounded by negative energy. This energy might come from people, it might come from social media, articles, this energy can even come from the weather! 

If you're having a bad day, negative energy can even come from a pen that won't work or the driver in the car in front of you. 


1. Don't talk or think about it.

2. Surround yourself with good and positive people, situations and things!

1. One of the biggest ruts you can get yourself into is talking about this negative energy that you have encountered. "Oh my God, every car was going so slow today," or "Geeze (whoever)is pissing me off," or "I feel like crap today, everything is going wrong." It might seem unfair that this negative stuff attracted you in the first place, but science has proved that the Law of Attraction is real and sorry, but it looks like you attracted it yourself! 

Parts of the Law of Attraction I don't understand. Like, for example, no one deserves to live in a country full of war and devastation and no one deserves to loose loved ones etc. I really believe there is no rhyme or reason for that. BUT I do believe there is rhyme and reason for the Law of Attraction in a lot of other things because I have seen it first hand with myself, and other people. 

If something bad, unfair or negative happens to you, that sucks, BUT, get over it! Not in a harsh way, just seriously get over it or you will attract more yucky stuff. Whenever something crappy happens to me, I always think to myself, someone is way worse off. 

Don't use this bad thing for attention. That's another trap. When something bad happens to you, it's natural to want attention from people to make yourself feel better. Completely natural. Fight the natural and don't tell anyone. Wack a smile on your face, think about how lucky you are to have everything else in your life, and start thinking about how you could fix the problem instead of wallowing in it. 

When something negative is happening to me or around me, I say positive things to myself over and over. You can think I'm weird, I don't care! But you should try it. Constantly reminding yourself that everything is okay, is sending out signals to the Universe that you're okay. Everything you send out has to come back. That's the law! 

These might help you next time something is going on:

  • Everything is okay.

  • Everything will work out how it is supposed too.

  • I am surrounded by positive people.

  • I am thankful.

  • I am healthy.

  • I am loved.

Even if these things aren't happening, like you're sick, or you aren't surrounded by positive people, the only way you're going to get yourself out of this is believing that you're healthy or that you're surrounded by positive people. I don't meditate because I am so restless, but if you do, going over these while your meditating will set your day up in the best way possible! 

2. This is pretty simple. Surround yourself with positive people, situations, and things!


  • Watch a movie that is going to make you sad

  • Listen to sad songs if it's going to make you sad

  • Hang with that person who brings you down

  • Think about previous situations if it makes you all tense and angry inside. (Old jobs, ex's, fights with family or friends.)

  • Look for drama


  • Listen to feel good songs and watch happy movies

  • Hang around positive and uplifting people

  • Constantly look forward and not behind, remembering to think positively about your future.

  • Ignore drama that may happen around you.

Moral of this blog, surround yourself with positive people, situations and things and you will 100% be a happier more positive version of yourself!

Cleo xx


This beautiful dress is from Renee Loves Frances. I featured her dress on this blog because when I first walked into Renee's store she was so happy, bright and welcoming! Her clothes and beautiful store reflect her personality. Surround yourself with these kinds of people! 


You Should Go and Love Yourself

Thank you Justin Biebs, yes we should, we should all go and love ourselves! 

Loving yourself is one of the most important factors of life. If you don't love yourself, how will you have the confidence or faith in yourself to do the things in life that you want?

Now, there is a fine line here. I'm not saying you should start taking 100's of selfies and change your personality to a narcissistic one. I'm simply saying, start loving who YOU are. Start now. 

YOU are different to everyone else, and yes I say this lots in my blogs, but it's because it's so important. No one else is YOU, and I can bet there are people who love things about YOU that you wouldn't even notice. The same as how you like that girl's hair, or that guy's style, or that girl's eyes. Everyone seems to want what they can't have, so what does that mean? That people want what YOU have. 

STEP ONE (And the hardest.)

Start accepting and loving your 'flaws' (Or whatever you believe are your flaws.)

I used to absolutely hate the gap in my two front teeth. But now I realise that it makes me different. A few people have even told me that they like it and that it makes me, me. It took me a while, but I now accept it and have learnt to like it. 

My freckles... I also used to hate these. It makes me feel a little sad thinking back to when I used to hate on things that make me, me. They are not gross, or ugly. I now see that they are beautiful, and a part of ME. 

I know some people will read this and think, God she's 'up-herself'. But to be honest, when you grow up, you realise that the haters are just jealous people. You ARE NOT 'up-yourself' if you like something about yourself. You are certainly not 'up-yourself' if you learn to accept and end up LOVING something about your body. You go and love yourself and don't let anyone try to tell you there is something wrong with that. 


Start complimenting other people's looks, traits etc.

Doesn't it make your day when someone compliments you? You can't lie, it makes you feel good! And to be honest, one of the reasons that I started accepting my gap in my teeth was because of other people's compliments. It's a bit sad that I couldn't just decide this myself, but when I realised other people liked it, I thought why the hell don't I like this myself? You can have a big impact on other people's thoughts, especially those with low self esteem. So why not compliment your friends, family, or strangers and help them realise that something/everything about themselves is in fact, beautiful. 



You might really love your hair, or the way you can dance, or the way you treat people with kindness, and these are all great. But these are single traits or single things. 

You need to LOVE and ACCEPT every single thing about you. This is hard, it really is. Especially if you're having a bad day, or keep making silly mistakes. It's hard to love yourself in those situations because you end up being angry with yourself. This is natural and nothing to feel bad about! When you are feeling like this, instead of wallowing in it, try to start looking at the positives about yourself. Are you alive? Are you nice to people? Do people like having you around? Do you have hair on your head? Do you have nice clothes? Do you have eyes, ears, and a mouth that functions properly? I'm sure you have lots of reasons to love yourself and although it can be hard to see at times, you need to really try. First accept, and then love those things. 

Remember, it is not at all 'up-yourself' or vain to love yourself. It's natural and you SHOULD love yourself because YOU are amazing. 

Once you start loving yourself, and I mean really loving yourself and believing that everything about you is beautiful, watch what happens. Everything will change! Your confidence, your love for life, you will become more positive, you will attract more people whether it be as friends or in a relationship, and you will without knowing be applying the law of attraction to your life and start receiving goodness everywhere and within everything that comes your way! 

Cleo xx


It's Okay.

I have people say to me, 'you're so happy and positive all the time!' Wrong. I'm not. I wish I was! But really, no one can be happy and positive ALL of the time. We all have our days, weeks, months how ever long it may be, where we are not happy. There might be a reason, or there might not. And that is totally OKAY

I've been sad, I've been stressed and I've been negative at times and to be honest, sometimes there is no real reason why. A way I get by is reminding myself that I have a beautiful family, boyfriend and friends, and that is all I need. Although, sometimes despite what you have, you feel things for no reason. And that is okay. Trying to get out of a negative rut can be hard, but being negative isn't going to get you anywhere, so get yourself out asap! One negative thought leads to another, and then BAM you hate everything, everything is bad, everyone hates you, everything is going wrong, bla bla bla! It's the worst trap you could get yourself into. But at times, it feels good to wallow in it because it's easy. Don't get too used to taking the easy road, because it will bite you in the back when you realise that you have been un-happy for a long time. 

Do whatever makes you feel happy. Go outside, see friends, take a day off work to relax, read a book, write a to do list and get everything done, read The Secret, read some positive quotes, look at photos of yourself where you were at your happiest and feel that feeling. Sleep, exercise, watch a movie, listen to happy music, spend time with family, pray, whatever works for you, do it. Spend time working on YOU. No one else, YOU. 

If you have a goal, start working on it. There is no better feeling than being proud of yourself and knowing you have achieved something you maybe thought you couldn't. Force yourself to do happy and positive things that will get you out of this rut that you may be in. 

If you're not in a negative rut right now, that is amazing. I'm happy for you! Remember this for when you might need it, but for now, continue being happy, remind yourself that you're great and fill your weeks with activities that work alongside your life purpose. 

Moral of this blog post; It is okay to feel however you are feeling. Happy, sad, excited, negative, angry, jealous, content. Never feel guilty for the way you are feeling, and never compare yourself to the way others 'seem' to be feeling. You don't know how they really feel. You only know how YOU really feel. So work on YOU. Look after YOU. Be a happy YOU. And if it takes you a while to get there...


Cleo xx



Getting positive can be tricky. Especially if there are things happening in your life that you don't like...which unfortunately happens to everyone. 

Here's the catch, you can't control what happens to other people and you can't control situations that you have nothing to do with... but, you CAN control what happens to YOU and the situations YOU are involved in. Never forget that you have complete control of your life, because control is the key to becoming the most positive person you can be. You can easily unlock the life that YOU want by being more positive.

If you have read my blogs before, you would know that positivity is absolutely, definitely, 100% the key. Once you become a more positive version of yourself, you will find that everything you want will start to fall into place.

Being positive not only helps YOU, but it also helps everyone around you. People will start feeding off your positive energy and want more of what you are feeling. I've said it before and I'll say it again, POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS.

I've decided to break this blog down a bit into what not to do.... and what to do to become a positive, happy and smiley human. 


(Let's get this negative stuff out of the way first)

  • I know I'm kind of going against what I am doing right now, but DON'T talk about negative things. Don't even give them a thought. If you think about something negative, that will only stress you out and bring more negative thoughts into your mind, talking about it will make it even worse! Don't do it, it's a trap. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Don't comment negative things on people's photos, videos, status' etc. Not only is that nasty but it's also one of the most negative things you could do. Having a nasty thought about someone in your head is bad enough, but then putting it on Social Media for everyone to see as well as the person you're talking to, is just a whole other level of negativity and (bullying.)Oh and if there is an option, don't click the dislike button. I've never understood why someone would do that, if you don't like what you're seeing, fair enough, but you don't need to let the whole internet know. I see it as screaming out to the Universe, 'I DON'T LIKE THIS, SO I'M GOING TO MAKE A POINT BY PRESSING DISLIKE.' Negative, negative, negative! 
  • Don't judge people. Everyone is different, accept it and move on! I always think, the people that are different to me probably think I'm really weird, so let's just all settle at being individuals. (It's okay to be different!)
  • Don't judge yourself! Like I just said, it's okay to be different. No one else is like you, so own it and be happy that you have your own personality, looks and style. It's so easy to judge yourself, or compare yourself to others, PLEASE DON'T! I know it's easier said than done, but being an actor I am constantly judging and picking on myself and it gets me down so much. Why do I do it?! Why do we all do it?! The other day I did an audition right, and I was so angry at myself. I hated the way I looked, sounded and did the scene. But then my friend who was helping me out, genuinely loved the scene and everything about it. A prime example of judging yourself when it's absolutely not needed! Just think, when you are in one of those down moods and for some reason hating everything about yourself, someone else who you admire or think is fantastic is probably doing the same thing. And guess what? Everyone has admirers, whether you think you do or not, there is someone in this world that wants to be more like you and they wouldn't understand why you are thinking those things about yourself. 
  • Don't day dream about negative things. I find myself dazing off sometimes thinking about situations in my life and how they could go wrong. CLEO! SOOOOO SILLY! IF YOU DO THIS, DON'T! Not only am I going against thinking positive when I do this, but I am also imagining and creating how situations in my life will unfold. If you have read my blog before you will know that if you want something in your life, you have to dream, and believe in the way you want it to come about and it will. So basically, sometimes I fall into the trap of dreaming about how I want situations in my life NOT to turn out. Naughty. 
  • Stop expecting things off other people. You are responsible for yourself and that is it! Don't expect calls, texts, or help from people. Know that the ones around you care for you and leave it at that. Remember when you give, you will receive.

WHAT TO DO! (Yay, this is better.)

  • BE POSITIVE! Duh! It's pretty straight forward. Love yourself, be openly thankful for everything and wear a proper (not fake) smile on your dial everyday because you are alive! 
  • Believe in yourself. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind too. Even if it seems impossible right now. "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm Possible.'" 
  • Love yourself. Like I said above, you are different to everyone, and there is someone in this world who wishes they were more like you, just the way you wish you were more like someone else. So love yourself for who you are and flaunt what you got, because no one else has it! 
  • Love others. If you show love, you will be loved in return. Simple as that. Accept and see beauty in everyone.
  • Work hard on your dreams. There's no better feeling than achieving something. Being proud of yourself is one of those feelings you wish you could have all the time. Well, get started! Start working hard on what you want, and in time everything will start coming together and the dream that was once in your head will be reality and you will feel incredible!
  • Inspire/help others. Another straight forward one. Always be ready to help no matter who or what is needed. 
  • See yourself as a magnet. Whatever you want, imagine yourself as that kind of magnet. Whether it's a happiness magnet, a love magnet, a health magnet, a positive magnet, a new opportunity magnet, a money magnet, etc. Whatever you want, believe that you will attract whatever it is easily and quickly.   
  • Have fun! Life is short, so live it up and do whatever is fun for you

Change the way you think, examples;

If you are thinking 'I feel sick,' instead think, 'I feel healthy.'

If you are thinking 'today is not my day,' think 'today is a good day'

If you are thinking, 'they don't like me,' think 'everyone benefits from my presence and likes having me around.'

If you are thinking, 'I'm not good enough at my job,' think 'I got this job for a reason, I am capable!'

If you are thinking, 'I have no money,' think 'I am a money magnet, lots of opportunities and money is coming my way.'


Cleo xx


One Door Shuts, Another One Opens!

I'm sure you all know by now that life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it's a scary ride, a fun ride, an emotional ride, or a plain GOOD ride. 

My life has been all of the above for the past couple of months. My emotions have been going CRAZY because I have been so busy and have left myself no time to just sit and relax. 

In the end, it's YOU who controls your life. Of course un-expected things happen, but the way YOU choose to deal with those things reflect straight back on your life and the way you feel. 

A little example for my readers!

A couple of months ago I got a phone call saying I was in the top three for a role and they were flying me down to Melbourne. I was over the moon and had a huge sense of relief rush over me after so many years of working so hard to achieve my acting dream again after filming H20. 10 minutes later I got a phone call saying that they had cancelled the call back because of my age. I went from being SO EXCITED, to let's face it, devastated. 

After a little cry, I pulled myself together and thought no! How cool was it to know that I was in the top 3? This is just one step closer and has put me in front of amazing casting directors and directors for future jobs. All of a sudden I turned this situation around to be a really good thing, I'm not sure how I did it when I was feeling so crappy but I did. And it was the best thing I've ever done! It was a really good lesson. 

A month or two after, I was contacted by an American Manager. This man completely believed in me and has since taken me on as one of his clients. To have someone believe in me and push for me like he has done in the time I have been with him is such an amazing feeling.


I have no idea how he found me, there are so many amazing actors/actresses in Australia, let alone the world and he found and chose me! I fully put it down to my positive attitude and complete belief that everything was going to turn out fine. 

Like all my blog posts, I encourage people to BELIEVE and you will RECEIVE

! If you're lacking motivation please go back and read through some of my past blogs, or buy The Secret. It really is the most inspiring book I've ever read. 

Cleo xx


21 Things To Do When You're 21


Be Happy

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Life is too short to be unHAPPY. So do things that make you HAPPY. If a certain job, person, place or situation is making you unHAPPY, then get out while you're young!


Be Social

Get out. Go to lunch, dinners, bars, parties, the beach, hang around those you know, and make an effort to meet those you do not know...yet! 



You never know where you will be in years to come. You might have a family or a job that you can't leave. While you're young and have freedom, use it! Go travelling, big trip or small. Whatever you can afford, just do it! 



Who doesn't love a party?! These are the years we can afford to have hungover Sunday's... or weekdays if you're really keen. But also, if you don't want to drink, don't! But definitely still go to that party! Don't hold back now, cause you might have to hold back in a few years!


Spend your money...some of it.

Go travelling, buy a cocktail, buy that new outfit. They say 20's are your selfish years and that is completely true. I am encouraging you to spend, but also save a little bit, you never know when you might need or want it! (But mostly spend.)


Work Hard

In saying all of the above, to be able to spend money you have to work hard as well. While you're not travelling, partying or out meeting new people, work hard on your passion. Start aiming for where you want to be in the future and you will find yourself loving life!


Be Nice

Seriously! Be nice to people. It's not hard. Smile at strangers, help out a friend, give money to a busker, sponsor a child. The more you give the more you receive. 


Be Silly

Go crazy, pull faces, play childish games, go roller skating, blow bubbles, go bowling, whatever tickles your fancy. We are still young... so we can get away with still be silly. 


Challenge Yourself 

Whether it be exercise, a passion of yours, a goal you have set in the past, something that you thought you would never be able to do, do it! Challenging yourself and succeeding gives you an amazing sense of fulfilment. You can do anything you put your mind to. 


Appreciate Your Parents

We don't do it enough when we are really young so now is your time. Thank them, take them to lunch, visit them often, and tell them when you will be home!


Stand Up For Yourself

This is a biggy. Personally I find it so hard to stick up for myself because I hate confrontation. I'm making a bigger effort this year to do it. Don't let people treat you unfairly, or forget about you, or say things to hurt you so they make themselves feel better. It's not on! 


Go on a Road Trip

I've done it, and I've mentioned in my previous blogs that it was amazing! It gives you a sense of complete freedom. Travelling on planes and trains is different. You are in control in a car, you can go for how ever long you want, you can stop where you want, and you can sleep where you want. It's so exciting and such an amazing experience!



Swim, read a book, take a nap, sun bake, listen to music, whatever relaxing is for you, do it now because once again, you might not get a chance in years to come!


Write a letter to Yourself 

I actually did this when I was about 10 but it is never too late! Write a letter and on it write "(your name) DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU'RE (however old you would like to be when you open it.)" Write little memories and stories that you might forget, or goals you want to achieve, maybe write where you would like yourself to be at that age. It will be an exciting letter to open!


Join some sort of club

Being in a team comes with such a great feeling of community. Whether you join a sports team, a study team, clubs that stem from work places, schools or uni, I guarantee you a whole lot of new friends and fun! 


Get off your phone!

I am guilty of sometimes being on my phone too much, I think we all are. But every now and then, just put it down. I don't know why people think it is necessary to Snapchat every second of their life, or take 100 photos of the same thing. ENJOY THE MOMENT!


Realise who your true friends are

It's time to get rid of those people who use you, or those who are plain nasty to you! There's no time for that, and at the ripe age of 21, you're now old and wise enough to see who your true friends are. The friends you have now will probably be the friends you have when you're 90, so make the right choice. 



Let yourself love and be loved in return. What an amazing feeling. 



Something I'm yet to do this year, but it's on my list. I can just imagine how good it's going to make me feel giving back to the community. 


Set Goals

Pretty simple really. Set yourself goals and work towards them. Whether they be goals that can be achieved in a week, or years.



You're out of school now and in the real world. There's no point trying to be someone else whether it is to fit in or to impress someone. Be yourself completely, and people will love you for that. You will also be happier within yourself. Start accepting yourself for who you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Remember, there's someone out there who wants to be just like you. 


5 Simple Ways to Get Smilin' Again!


Do you have any of this in your life? Family, friends, love, a roof, a bed, a job, a body, health, money, pets, clothes, makeup, TV, clean water, computer a phone?

Even if you have just ONE of the above, then surely that one thing can make you smile. Cause guess what? Someone else might not have that one thing. And that alone makes you lucky! Everyone is lucky in their own way. Find out why you are lucky, and you will start to feel thankful and happier by the second. An easy way to do that is to look at the list above. If you think about what you have in your life often, the little things in life like a bad day, a broken phone or a speeding fine won't seem so bad after all. 

"Sometimes I need to remember just how lucky I really am." 


We are getting busier and busier as life moves on. A friend and I were talking yesterday how scary it is, how fast the years seem to go. It's so easy to get into a routine of work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, and you forget about LIVING!

If you love your job then awesome! That might be your way of living. But I think every person who loves their job or not needs some time out. Cherish the weekends and cherish your nights! Treat yourself to a meal out, go to the movies, get a manicure, buy a book, do some online shopping, eat that chocolate, have a bath, RELAX! You deserve to!

Working hard for something and then treating yourself feels really good because you've earned it! So don't be afraid to do so. Treat yourself like a Princess! Or Prince... whoever you readers may be. 

"Happiness is... Treating yourself every now and then."


I have written about this in my blog previously but I can't stress it enough! If you hate your job, GET OUT!!! I know it's easier said than done, but I'm here to give you the motivation that maybe you need. Life is too short to be doing things that you hate. Of course any job involves working hard, but if you love your job then working hard doesn't seem too hard at all. Put it this way, if you wake up and dread your day at work, and then you're at work and you still really hate it.... I think it's time to move on.

If you are in a financially unstable situation, I don't want to be encouraging people to leave steady money, but try and look for jobs that will fulfil your passion instead of just fulfilling your bank account. 

"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession."


I'm not one for exercise. I go through stages of getting myself motivated. But lately, walks have been doing me just fine. Getting out of the house and to the beach is the best feeling! Not only does it make me feel good because I am moving my body, but being outside in nature wherever it may be is so relaxing! 

If you are one of those people who can run for miles or do regular training sessions then keep going! No better feeling than finishing a big workout!

"You are only one workout away from a good mood."


MY LIFE PROBLEM! Putting things off!!! 

Here is my advice... Just do it. And lately I have actually been taking my own advice! (Go Cleo) 

How many times have you had things to do whether it be an errand to run, exercise, an appointment to make, a room to clean etc, and put it off until 'tomorrow.' And then come tomorrow, it still hasn't been done. It's so easy to do! BUT if you put your head into it and just do it you will think two things; That wasn't too hard, and ahh I feel better now.

It's such a good feeling having everything done for the day. When I complete everything I have to, I feel a sense of fulfilment and maybe even a little bit proud. 

This goes especially for all you creative buggers out there! Having a creative mind can be hard because you need to be inspired to create something. Lately I've been pretending I haven't been inspired because I couldn't be bothered. Naughty! I know that I feel so good when I finish a blog, a song or a script, so excuse me while I go get to it!

Remember, today is the day, not tomorrow. 

"Tomorrow you will have wished that you started today, so what are you waiting for?"

Cleo xx

Sunglasses and top from PEPPERMAYO



Here's what I think... If something doesn't feel right, it most likely isn't. For about a year now I hadn't felt right about something in my life. NEWSFLASH!

It wasn't right. A year later I'm out of this situation and it was probably the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life! There were tears, lots of them, but now I feel a massive weight off my shoulders and I know I've done the right thing. 

I want to encourage my readers to stand up for yourselves and do what you think is right for YOURSELF!

Sometimes you have to stop thinking about others. Not in a nasty way, but if something isn't right in your life, you need to focus your energy back to yourself until you are okay again. 

This goes for anything. Unhealthy relationships, diets or lifestyles, even an unpleasant situation. GUESS WHAT? Life is short. And you don't have time for that. If you are unhappy, feeling awkward, feeling used or upset, then MOVE ON.

Get out of that situation if you have the power to. You most likely do have the power to, it might just be an emotionally hard thing to do so you are putting it off. I did that. You're never completely stuck. If you are struggling with a situation in your life where you do feel stuck then please open up to a friend, family member or even a counsellor! You will thank yourself after all that negativity is out of your life. 

Remember that life is precious. YOU have complete control over your life, and have the power to change anything. That's pretty cool hey? Literally you can live whatever life YOU want, you just have to believe, work hard and then receive. 


Find Your Happy Place

So I found my happy place. For those of you who don't know, I have been travelling around the UK and Europe for seven weeks with my boyfriend, Luke and some friends along the way. Hence the reason I haven't posted for that exact time! Sorry, but guess whose back!

I have blogged previously about the importance of travel and seeking adventures, and I still completely agree with myself! I think that it is such a huge part of life to explore and experience other countries, food, culture, food, people, food and drinks. Guess what? I really love food. I have also mentioned in my Travel Makes You Richer blog how exciting it is that maybe you haven't visited the place in the world that is going to become your favourite destination?! Well, after this trip I have new favourite destinations, and you know what's even cooler? That is going to keep happening! I don't know if the next place I travel to will become my favourite, or my most memorable, or the most fun. So many exciting things can await you, and you have the power to plan and make it happen, so please do it.

Cinque Terre. In Italian that means 'The 5 Lands'. Cinque Terre is situated on the coast of the Italian Riviera and to the west of the city, La Spezia. From La Spezia we took the train to the fifth town, Monterosso Al Mare. The view from the train was insane! We were on a cliff looking out at miles and miles of deep blue water. 

We arrived in Monterosso shortly after and we were craving the ocean. Well, we got that, and a lot more. I honestly don't think I stopped smiling the whole time we were in this beautiful place. There was so much to see and do, but at the same time, you could relax, eat and drink cocktails and not feel like you were wasting time. 

During our three day stay here (not long enough) we hiked across to the fourth town. It took about an hour and a half, it was a hard and hot walk but so worth it. The views were out of this world, and the beautiful path winding through lush rain forests, waterfalls and random cat homes was very interesting! We arrived in the town of Vernazza. The view coming up to Vernazza was the view I had googled a million times. I felt like I was in a postcard. It was one of those moments where I stood there in awe and just felt so happy and lucky to be there. These are the moments that I live for! We trekked down the hill, explored the cool little town and then found our own little swimming hole. We spent hours baking, cliff jumping and swimming in our private little spot of heaven. Of course here I had another moment of pure happiness and I was in complete disbelief that I was somewhere this beautiful! We then trained to the town of Riomaggiore which was again, beautiful. We explored and explored until we were exhausted. 

I ate some amazing gnocchi, gelato, and drank some incredible wine in Cinque Terre which again added to the whole experience! When we weren't exploring the interesting towns of Cinque Terre, we were relaxing on the long beach of Monterosso Al Mare. We were so happy we stayed in this town as swimming in the ocean is one of our favourite things to do and Monterosso had the best swimming beach. The water was crystal clear, and it didn't even hurt to open your eyes under water. There was a moment when I was swimming by myself, and I was just floating there…the sounds of the pebbles moving underneath me was so relaxing and it echoed in my head before I went into a state of pure relaxation. I seriously don't think I have ever been that relaxed. Nothing could wake me, not even nearly floating into the man next to me apparently. 

I am so thankful for all of these experiences I had. It puts the biggest smile on my face to look through photos and to think back to how happy I was while I was travelling. Now when I am stressed or not as happy as I want to be I think back to that time I was floating along the Italian Riviera with not a care in the world. 

I wanted this blog to be more of a photo diary so I've included heaps of photos which I'm pretty sure will make you want to visit Cinque Terre. 



There was a time in my life where I was scared to say YES to new opportunities. That was silly. I didn’t realize that I was blocking so much positivity, so much excitement and so many new adventures by saying no. Saying YES can never hurt. I mean, you still have to use your common sense. You don’t want to start saying YES to questions like 'do you want to jump into a pool of sharks?' Cause I'm sure lots of you would get a question like that???

Point is, say YES to good opportunities. Don't be lazy, or shy, or don't think you're not good enough! Because if someone has asked you to do something, you are obviously capable of doing a good job, even if you don't think you are.

At the start of this year I decided I was going to say YES more.

YES is such a positive word so surely it's got to be good for you!!! And it has been good. I have done so many more things than I would usually, I have met so many more people and I have learnt a lot. 

Sometimes you don't realise how much you're saying no. You can be saying no to little things like 'do you want to go for a walk?' or 'do you want to try a fitness class with me?' or 'do you want to take a trip down the coast?'

At the time it seems like nothing, but all those little no's add up to one big no and all of a sudden you have missed fun opportunities in your life. 

So, try and make an effort to say YES MORE! It's fun, I promise. One thing that I have said YES to recently was doing an interview for the Girl'ology Podcast. At the time of saying YES I was unsure if I was worthy of such a long interview to be aired on radio.

But I am worthy! And so are you.

You are worthy, ready and successful enough for any kind of opportunity that comes your way. So I did this interview, and it has opened me up to several more opportunities already and I'm so thankful! Saying YES attracts more YES situations into your life. All the Universe is hearing is you saying YES, so you will be provided with bigger and better opportunities everyday! Just you wait. 

You can find my interview on Isabeau Schubert's amazing site 


Cleo xx



I am a massive lover of food. My first word I ever said was 'more,' not mumma or dadda, 'more'. As in more food. I would sit there with my mouth open until someone put food in it. Pretty smart I reckon. 

I was the type of girl who would wake up and say 'Mum what's for dinner?' Half the time she had no idea as it was 12 hours away, but when she did, and if it was a good dinner, I would be happy and excited all day… I swear I was normal! 

These days, I come across so many social media clean eating and green living type sites/pages. While it’s great that they are promoting a healthy lifestyle, I feel that they can make me feel guilty for treating myself.

I am very passionate about cooking. I love creating new meals at home and I also love going out to restaurants. I think making and eating food is an experience. A fun and yummy one!

My girlfriends and I meet up really regularly for dinner. We 'get' each other. We all love food. We have lots of Taco Tuesdays, (It is rare when it actually happens on a Tuesday,) and we will usually have chocolate or ice cream for dessert. None of this raw cacao chocolate stuff. We go for the real stuff. The real good stuff!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should eat endless amounts of chocolate, take-away foods, and copious amounts of alcohol.

I’m saying, don’t feel bad about treating yourself and having a good time every now and then.

 The other day my cousin said, 'If the Doctor seems to think you are healthy, if you feel healthy within yourself, and you are happy with the way you look, then you're doing fine.' (My cousin Maddy also has a fantastic Youtube account, check it out here! ATSDT) SHE IS SO RIGHT! I know when I need vegetables, my body tells me.

You can tell when you need a kick of some good vitamins, so feed your body what it needs when it needs! 

I make sure I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I actually love vegies so it is quite easy for me. I swap white rice for brown rice probably half the time, and I will make sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. They are my few rules I try to go by everyday. And then if I want to have a wine with dinner, I can. Or if I want chocolate for afternoon tea or dessert then I can. You have to enjoy yourself! I have noticed lots of dieticians say 80% healthy, 20% not so healthy.

I quite like that, because lets face it, a totally clean eating life is 'not living Barry'.

I find myself scrolling past all these labels on Instagram promoting their designs on tiny girls. And while they are beautiful, so are bigger girls. It really sucks how society has this picture of a beautiful girl in their head and she is the size 2 model you see plastered everywhere. To be honest, there are lots of times I wished I looked like them, but why?! I'm fine how I am, and so are you. So ignore those thoughts and love yourself. Remember, if you feel healthy and are happy with your weight then keep going, and don't feel bad about eating a thing!!!

Don't compare yourself, it's a trap.

I eat vegetables everyday, whether they be in a stir fry, 

meat and vegetables or a bowl of steamed vegies with soy sauce.

- I eat 2 pieces of fruit a day

- I try to drink at least 2 Litres of water a day

- If I'm at a party or out to dinner, I don't hold back

- If I feel like a treat I will have one, and I will love it! 

Below are some recipes from (My favourite site for recipes) that I cook regularly. None of these recipes or photos are mine! Click on the photo to get the recipe. 

Cleo xx

Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry


Cheesy Meatballs in vegetable sauce (The best)

Beef Massaman Curry

Avocado Pesto Chicken Pasta

Chicken Kofta Balls

Chicken Cashew Stirfry

Tim Tam Cake

Chocolate Ripple Cake

Mars Bar Slice


Count Your Rainbows, Not Your Thunderstorms

I have had the enormous pleasure of knowing Madeline Elliott since I was 7. Growing up I knew her as lil’ Mad, an amazing dancer, a kind and loving soul, and a girl with a hilarious personality. Nothing has changed. Except now she is stronger.

Last February Maddy was told three words that no one wants to hear. ‘You have cancer.’

She went through 6 gruelling months of chemotherapy to treat her Hodgkins Lymphoma. Six months that would have felt like years to her.

What went through your mind when the Doctor explained to you that you had Cancer?

Maddy: It didn’t come as a complete shock as while I was having endless tests the nurses somewhat prepared me for the worst. I cried more of happiness because I finally knew what I was dealing with and knew that I could finally start the process of getting better. My fighting spirit kicked in! I just thought “right, now I know what’s been making me so sick the past few months it’s time to kick it to the curb.”

Seeing Maddy go through this was truly heartbreaking, although, I have never been so inspired at the same time. After having her health, beautiful long hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and energy taken away from her, she still managed to maintain her happy, positive and beautiful personality.

What was the hardest part of your journey with Cancer?

Maddy: The hardest part was undoubtedly watching how my pain and suffering was affecting those closest around me. Watching my family and boyfriend feel helpless as I cried and slowly grew sicker from the chemo side effects was the hardest part. At first losing my hair didn’t seem like a big deal, I was more focused on fighting the cancer and for my life. But when it started to fall out, that was hard. Watching the chemo take away my beautiful long hair and in some ways my identity was not fun.

I remember walking into the Chemotherapy Ward to sit with Maddy, and there she was with this beaming smile on her face. I was thinking, how can she seriously be smiling right now? She was hooked up to all these machines that were pumping chemicals through her. 

Chemicals that she knew would hit her in an hour or two and make her feel as horrible as ever, and at this stage she knew she had such a long hard road ahead of her.

I saw you put on a brave face, but behind that, how did you really feel?

Maddy: I felt as though I had to put on a brave face for everyone else. If I was happy and positive, those around me would be too. I felt like if I put on a brave face and convinced my family, boyfriend and friends I was feeling confident and positive, then I would actually feel confident and positive myself. Behind closed doors at home though it was not so much the case. My family and boyfriend saw the real pain I was going through and witnessed my daily meltdowns.

Well, that’s how she got through it. During the time Maddy was sick, she was posting motivational quotes. One that really stuck with me was, ‘count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.’ It was so evident that this was Maddy’s mindset as she was going through her journey with cancer. Counting all the good things in her life. And look where that got her! Maddy has now been all clear from cancer for 6 months and from my eyes she is more beautiful and stronger than ever! I am so proud of her and I know so many other people are too, especially her family and boyfriend.

What do you think helped you get through this?

Maddy: I think my faith, family, boyfriend and close friends got me through. My home really became my place of healing. My mum, dad, brother and boyfriend saw and accepted me when I was so raw and depleted, and always dragged me out of the house even it were for five minutes of fresh air. The nurses on the chemo ward were such amazing people, all so humorous. I also read a book called “shattering the cancer myth” by a naturopath who healed her own self of cancer. When I had a consultation with her I completely changed my way of eating and mindset. I still credit my positive thinking mantras and cancer-fighting diet as the reason I have bounced back to health so quickly.

Let this be a lesson to you. It was for me. It is so easy to fall under the trap of, ‘I hate my body,’ or ‘my hair is so thin,’ or ‘I have the flu and I missed out on a party, my life is over.’ Instead, be thankful for how healthy, beautiful and lucky you are. Or think of people like Maddy who really didn’t have good health for a while, who had no hair at all, and who missed out on so many events in her life.

What have you learnt about yourself after kicking cancer’s butt?!

Maddy: I have learnt that I am more capable and strong than I had originally thought that’s for sure. If someone had of told me before my diagnosis that I would get cancer and lose all my hair I would have assumed that would be the end of me. I learnt I had a really quite sick sense of humour too (pun not intended). Paying out myself and using my cancer as something to make jokes out of helped me see the lighter side of things.

Well, I thought it was about time to get Maddy feeling really amazing again. I am so thankful and excited to have had the help of an incredible group of creative people who teamed together to capture Maddy’s newfound health. Thank you to the talented Elizabeth Grinter who took these amazing photos of Maddy, a big thank you to Mia Connor who did her stunning makeup and the amazing Lisa Brown for providing the gorgeous dresses!

I hope Maddy’s story can inspire you like it did me! Maddy is now happy, free, and healthy and I think these photos reflect just that!



I consider myself very lucky in the friend department. I have a group of girlfriends who make me smile and laugh non-stop. By non-stop I mean our abs actually ache. I can't even begin to list all the memories we have shared, and I get excited thinking about all the memories yet to come! 

Growing up, things change. We have girls here, there and everywhere! London, Leeds, South America, Sydney and so on! The one thing I love about all our friends is that WE don't change. THINGS might, but WE don't. Once THINGS started to change, I got a bit un-settled. I thought that I would loose friends and everything would be different. It definitely wasn't like that. 

Whoever said 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' is an intelligent human being! We never took each other for granted, but with friends all over the world it has made me appreciate every Viber conversation, every Skype call, and then of course every time we see each other in person so much more!

One of the girls, Josie, moved to London 2 years ago and has lived there ever since. When she returned home it was like she never left! Jos is one of the most stylish, kind and funny girls I know! She is the creator of the blog London Girl, and I have no doubt it is going to sky rocket! We decided to bring our personalities and styles together in a colourful and fun photoshoot. We did this shoot at

Miami Marketta, the most amazing, colourful, fun and creative space you have ever seen! 

I have some really exciting blog posts coming for you all soon. Get ready to feel good!


And remember to pass around that smile. 

Cleo xx


If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!

My dream:

To perform and be creative always.

Do you have a dream? I’m sure you do. Everyone has some sort of dream. It can be big, it can be small, it could be hard to achieve or easily achievable.

For me, I was born to perform. Acting, singing, dancing… I love it! And on the side, I do creative things like, writing music, writing on my blog, taking photos, trying… but failing to do art, writing scripts, crewing on tv/film productions etc. And do you know what? It all scares me. It gives me a big rush! I was so scared to publish this blog, so scared of what people would think and what people would say… WHO CARES! One thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t control what people say.

There's you, there's the Universe, and there's other people. You have complete control of you. You have the power to visualise and ask the Universe for what you want, but you have no control over other people.

People are going to say stuff, that’s life. Let them. If you’re doing what makes you happy then why does it matter what they say? And most of it is just jealousy. I get comments on Youtube and Instagram saying ‘You are ugly,’ ‘You are a bad actress,’ ‘Yuck your hair's gross get off my news feed.’ When I was younger, those comments would really get me down. Now I just laugh at them and delete them. You can choose what to give your energy to in this world. Don’t give the negative things in your life power! Pour your energy into all the great things that are happening in your life, big or small.

So your dreams. Chase them. Work hard. Because once you’ve achieved something you’ve worked hard for, DAMN IT FEELS GOOD!

I absolutely love to sing. Music is one of my favourite things in the world. I studied music for a year in 2012 to get my confidence up so I could sing in front of people. It kind of worked. I did it for a little bit, but then I sunk back into my comfort zone again. (My room)

Well, I’ve attached a singing video to this blog. I AM SO NERVOUS TO SHARE THIS! SO NERVOUS! But it feels good to share a part of my life that I enjoy so much. I really want this blog post to inspire people to do things that scare them.


Who cares what people think

Do what makes you happy

Challenge yourself

You can’t control other people

No dream is too big

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

Work hard


P.S. Big thank you to my clever Mum and Dad for helping me film and edit this video.

Cleo xx


Big Hearted Business Morning Tea

Clare Bowditch. A legend in my eyes. She teaches creative people about business, and business people about creativity. She says, 'Do what you love, make money, save the world.'

Oh my God. I actually love her. For those of you who don't know, Clare is a singer, actress and mother. Everything I aspire to be!(The mother part not too soon.) On Sunday, my Mum and I attended her Big Hearted Business Morning Tea at Rabbit & Cocoon put on by the awesome Bleach Festival, and it was the most inspiring morning ever!

She effortlessly had the whole audience feeling relaxed and inspired in seconds. She had each section of the room sing different notes, and the result was magical! We sounded pretty damn cool! 

After sipping on yummy juices and munching into chocolate and peanut butter cookies, we then had the pleasure of listening to Clare's story for the next couple of hours. She worked very hard for what she wanted. It is hard to make money in the creative industry and not loose your marbles, but check her out! After years of tears, determination and hard work, she now works full time doing what she loves. She was asking us questions like; what did you want to be when you were little? And what makes your happy? They were questions that you don't think about everyday, and they made you assess whats important in your life. I met a lovely lady called Nina who was sitting next to me, and she said when she was little, she wished that she would be happy in the future. I loved that!

Afterwards we were treated to a long table full of amazing food. Clare encouraged us to mingle with all the like-minded creative people that surrounded us. I felt a bit awkward doing so at first, but after meeting a few people, I realised they were just as uncomfortable as I was. I met photographers, designers, singers, writers, the list goes on. And they all loved the sound of my blog! Which put a smile on my dial. 

Then, it was time to meet Clare. I was a little star struck. But as soon as she saw us awkwardly waiting for her conversation to finish, she rushed over with the biggest smile and introduced herself! I was like … I know who you are! I nervously handed her a 'Pass Around the Smile' card and she was so excited and congratulated me! 

What a day, easily the best $50 dollars I've ever spent. (Actually Mum shouted me that one, cheers Mum.) If Clare is ever holding the Big Hearted Business Morning Tea in your area, GET THERE!!!

This event was held at Rabbit & Cocoon. Their space and catering were out of this world! This was apart of the Bleach Festival that puts on a feast of contemporary live music, pop up art installations and exhibitions, outdoor film programs, street parties, theatre, and ideas across the Gold Coast. 

Cleo xx

I AM….

I think it’s very important to remind yourself everyday of how great you are. Yes you. You are great.

Isn’t it cool that every person in this world has different qualities, different personalities, different features, different everything? You are an individual, and there is no one else like you. How cool is that!

So basically, you have this body, this soul and this personality which was given to you, and you can do whatever you want with it! So why not do good? See only perfection within yourself. And remind yourself of this everyday! Once you start believing that you're full of perfection, the Universe will work with whatever your view of perfection is. 

Of course, no person is perfect. When I say perfection, I don't mean that you should be wishing to look like a perfect Barbie doll. To me, perfection is happiness, good health and fulfillment.

What is perfection to you?

For a long time, I was saying different affirmations here and there just when I felt like it. I was confusing myself. It’s like I didn’t quite understand what was most important in my life. So I wrote down what was important to me, and came up with what would be my daily affirmations from that list. 





My Career

And there I had it. The five most important things in my life. So from that list I made my Mantras.

Those mantras work perfectly for my life. If these work for you, then go ahead and use them. If not, write down what is most important to you, and you can stem your perfect affirmations from there! 

P.S. You can't just say your daily affirmations over and over again and not really believe that you are; happy, healthy etc. You must believe!