How to Deal with Negativity & Bullying

A while ago, I filmed a video for my Youtube channel about Bullying. I wanted to do this video for so long, and there were two reasons why; I wanted to help people who have been bullied, whether it's online or in person, and I wanted to teach the bullies out there a lesson! 

If you're a regular Pass Around the Smile reader, you would know that this blog is all about positivity, happiness, and self love!!! As humans in this amazing world, we are still faced with challenges and negativity in our lives. In this video I demonstrate how I was able to overcome some pretty harsh online negativity and turn it into a positive! 

You can do this with any negative situation in your life! The Universe sends us challenges, and negative situations so we can grow, and learn from them. We can't let these things in life get us down, so if you're unsure how to deal with the negative things in life, give this video a watch! 

I hope it helps! 

Cleo xx

Find Your Way

I know I've mentioned it before, but the book the Manifestation Miracle is AMAZING! It actually changed my life. 

When I was living in America, I was having a really hard time adapting to the hectic 'La La Land' life. I found the whole industry competitive and judgemental, I wasn't making any good friends, I was getting frustrated with the lack of auditions and meetings, and I was getting down because I wasn't surrounded by my family, boyfriend and friends. 

I was in a rut, and I wasn't helping myself by wallowing in it. Let's face it. Sometimes it's easier to wallow in it. We don't have to make the effort to be happy and positive, we can sit there and do nothing, cry and get some attention! It's natural, normal and OKAY!

But I decided enough was enough. I was crying over the smallest of things, even though at the time they were big! I had no idea what direction to go in and all of a sudden my career path felt so wrong. 

Then I read the Manifestation Miracle. I started meditating, and through my mediation I was eventually able to quiet my mind and get the answers I had been looking for. If you don't meditate or aren't spiritual, you will probably laugh at this! I used to turn my nose up at meditation until I tried it. 

As soon as I decided to change my mind set, and start listening to my heart, literally everything changed. Within days. It was incredible, but I wasn't shocked. I knew that all I had to do was change my mind set to see changes, but what was mind blowing, was the answers I got about my career. It became so clear what I needed to concentrate on, and it happened at just the right time. If you had told me 6 years ago that acting wasn't the only thing I should concentrate on, I wouldn't have believed you. But now I can see that mentoring other actors, sharing my experiences, exploring my other creative talents, and using my profile to spread positivity have become hugely important aspects of my life and career.  

In the Manifestation Miracle they talk about how you can find your exact life path. Every single person on this Earth has a certain path cut out for them, and when we find ourselves on that path everything will feel right. In the last 4 months or so since I've been back from the States, I've felt so in touch with my life path. I feel like I'm finally on the right track and I can't tell you how AMAZING that feels! I want everyone to find their right path so we can all feel amazing together! It might take some people years and years to find the right path for them, it may take some people no time at all. 

I'm not at all saying that if you're not on your right path you won't be happy. I don't think I was following the exact path that I should have been for the last seven years, but I still don't regret anything, and I was still very happy the majority of the time. But when something feels right, you know. You are happier more often, things fall into place easily, you feel like YOU and you're sure that you're living true to yourself. 

There are no such thing as coincidences. Every time a 'coincidence' happens, it's just the Universe either trying to teach you a lesson, or steer you in the right direction. The Universe sends you many signs, so listen in and follow! 

Once you find the right path, I promise you will know, and the way I found that was through meditation and trusting my instinct. Sometimes it's scary and overwhelming to trust your instinct, because it might take you to places that make you feel uncomfortable. But see it as exciting! Where is this journey going to take you?! You have this life, so live it to the fullest, take risks and as the old saying goes, 'listen to your heart!'

Cleo xx


Big Hearted Business Morning Tea

Clare Bowditch. A legend in my eyes. She teaches creative people about business, and business people about creativity. She says, 'Do what you love, make money, save the world.'

Oh my God. I actually love her. For those of you who don't know, Clare is a singer, actress and mother. Everything I aspire to be!(The mother part not too soon.) On Sunday, my Mum and I attended her Big Hearted Business Morning Tea at Rabbit & Cocoon put on by the awesome Bleach Festival, and it was the most inspiring morning ever!

She effortlessly had the whole audience feeling relaxed and inspired in seconds. She had each section of the room sing different notes, and the result was magical! We sounded pretty damn cool! 

After sipping on yummy juices and munching into chocolate and peanut butter cookies, we then had the pleasure of listening to Clare's story for the next couple of hours. She worked very hard for what she wanted. It is hard to make money in the creative industry and not loose your marbles, but check her out! After years of tears, determination and hard work, she now works full time doing what she loves. She was asking us questions like; what did you want to be when you were little? And what makes your happy? They were questions that you don't think about everyday, and they made you assess whats important in your life. I met a lovely lady called Nina who was sitting next to me, and she said when she was little, she wished that she would be happy in the future. I loved that!

Afterwards we were treated to a long table full of amazing food. Clare encouraged us to mingle with all the like-minded creative people that surrounded us. I felt a bit awkward doing so at first, but after meeting a few people, I realised they were just as uncomfortable as I was. I met photographers, designers, singers, writers, the list goes on. And they all loved the sound of my blog! Which put a smile on my dial. 

Then, it was time to meet Clare. I was a little star struck. But as soon as she saw us awkwardly waiting for her conversation to finish, she rushed over with the biggest smile and introduced herself! I was like … I know who you are! I nervously handed her a 'Pass Around the Smile' card and she was so excited and congratulated me! 

What a day, easily the best $50 dollars I've ever spent. (Actually Mum shouted me that one, cheers Mum.) If Clare is ever holding the Big Hearted Business Morning Tea in your area, GET THERE!!!

This event was held at Rabbit & Cocoon. Their space and catering were out of this world! This was apart of the Bleach Festival that puts on a feast of contemporary live music, pop up art installations and exhibitions, outdoor film programs, street parties, theatre, and ideas across the Gold Coast. 

Cleo xx