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For years and years I wasn’t succeeding to the level I wanted to within my acting career. I was using the Law of Attraction practices like crazy. I was visualising, I was acting as if I had already received the roles I wanted and I truly believed I was good enough. It was frustrating me, as the Law of Attraction didn’t seem to be working, which made no sense as I was and am SUCH a believer.

I needed to figure out what was going on and took some time to look back on all of my goals, manifestations and Law of Attraction practices over the years. I had been following the steps of, ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE, which many books, sites, studies and blogs suggest you do. For some reason these steps just weren’t working for me.

The process of figuring out what I was missing wasn’t an easy one. It’s really hard to reflect on ourselves, our thoughts and our behaviours and admit that we are wrong, especially if we’re doing something subconsciously, because that is so hard to identify!

The first thing I realised is that I was missing a step, which is why I added the 4th step of GRATITUDE. (I wrote a blog about the missing LOA step which you can read here.) I had an experience where I was using the Law of Attraction to manifest an acting role filming on the Gold Coast. After asking, visualising and believing, I was able to surrender to the Universe and forget about what I had asked for. (Which is truly surrendering and so powerful in attracting what you want.) A couple of weeks later, I received a phone call from a casting agent offering me a role on a Network show, with no audition needed! I was so excited, and so wrapped up in it all that I just went on with my life, feeling accomplished for the time being.

A week or so later, I got told that they were cutting my role from the series! I was devastated, and again I was so disappointed in this Law that I so truly believed in! After a meditation and a little journaling session (this is what I always do when I’m confused, angry or disappointed), I realised that my desire was taken away from me because I didn’t show gratitude. I wasn’t grateful for the incredible opportunity that had been presented to me. Gratitude is the highest form of vibrational energy, so whenever we can, we should be showing gratitude, for everything big or small in our lives! So I started showing gratitude, even though I had been told the role was cut. I thanked the Universe and my angels for the opportunity and I got myself into a grateful mindset and went on with my life accepting it how it was. Then something crazy happened, the next day I got a call, my role had been written back in!

This was the first breakthrough I had where I realised that gratitude must be added to my personal steps for using the Law of Attraction! It works for me, hopefully it can work for you! (Remember that you can’t attract anything new into your life until you’re grateful for what you have right now. You must make room!)

The second breakthrough took years for me to figure out. It took meditation and really looking at myself, my thoughts and my actions. All I wanted all these years ago, was to land exciting and big roles in shows and films. I wanted it SO badly. I put all of my time, money and energy into it, so the last thing I thought, was that I was sabotaging myself. But I figured out, that I was.

Gabby Bernstein teaches us how love and fear cannot co-exist and how choosing love over fear will always work in your favour. For years, I chose fear. Even though I was telling myself I was good enough, in my heart, I didn’t think I was. I was constantly comparing myself to other actresses and I had a limiting belief that ‘it was a tough industry.’ That is a prime example of a fear based thought! I would constantly tell people ‘oh it’s a hard industry,’ almost because I was embarrassed I wasn’t getting regular and big enough roles and I can see now, that it was a protective mechanism to assure myself that yes, it is a hard industry and that’s the reason it’s not working out.

However, by saying this over and over, my subconscious believed that it was a hard industry. As soon as I realised I had chosen fear over love during these years, I dug a little deeper and I actually figured out an even bigger problem. I was scared of success! HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?! I wanted this SO badly, yet I was SO scared if it were to actually happen! I was scared of being cast in a role I was uncomfortable in, I was scared of fame, I was scared of moving away from my partner and my family. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. It was me, I wasn’t allowing myself to succeed.

The thing is, fear is very hard to get rid of and even though I have figured out that these particular fears are blocking me, I still haven’t quite shaken them. It’s taking work! Fear can show up in so many ways. Through pain, nerves, judgement, anxiety, self doubt, limiting beliefs, gossiping or negative thoughts. Really try and look at your life, your thoughts, what you’re trying to manifest and what you have successfully or not successfully manifested to work out what is stopping you.

I was blocking the process and not allowing the Law of Attraction to naturally take its course. I wasn’t surrendering and trusting that I would be protected during my successes! I think the most important step in the Law of Attraction is to receive (to surrender). When we surrender, we allow the Universe to do its thing. When we trust the process and stop controlling our desire, that’s when exciting things, people, opportunities and circumstances come rolling on into our lives. If you want something badly, work on yourself first. Make sure you know you’re good enough, and do your best to rid your mind of any fear based thoughts. What is meant to happen will happen if you just believe and leave it up to the Universe.

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Resetting your mindset can be a really powerful tool in helping you create a life exactly how you want it. It's amazing (and a little scary) how many opportunities, coincidences, people and circumstances we block if we're not in the right frame of mind. 

We have so many thoughts in a day and as life gets busier, it's so much harder to control these thoughts and to keep our frame of mind clear and positive. Keeping your mind clear and positive creates a ripple like effect out into the Universe (otherwise called a frequency) and what you're thinking about, will then come about.

It's the Law of Attraction! 


You need to change your mindset if you're struggling with the following:

  • Jealousy
  • Being stuck in a rut (Physically, socially or in your mind) 
  • Time management (Managing your time equally between work, family and social life)
  • Thinking negatively
  • Talking negatively
  • Doubting yourself
  • Lack of inspiration and motivation
  • Unsure of which path to take
  • Turning to your phone/computer/social media when you're overwhelmed 


Well, there's a few things but let's start with this. 

You have to WANT and be WILLING to change. 

Just like any problem you might have, you're not going to be able to change unless you really want to. 

Get yourself to a point of NEEDING this change. Visualise yourself after this change and feel the feeling of relief and completion. 

Really think about what resetting your mindset means to you. Why did you choose to read this blog and start on the pathway of resetting you mindset? Do you need to clear your headspace? Stop judging people? Focus on something in particular? Begin to think more positively? 


I get that life is busy, but in order to clear your head, you have to clear your time. If you're studying - take a study break, if you're a parent - get a babysitter, if your work hours are demanding - take a personal leave day. Your mental health is so important. Small problems like getting overwhelmed or constantly thinking and talking negatively can effect your mental health in big ways down the track. (Even if you don't think it's a problem now.) 

Do yourself a favour by taking a day or a few hours out to re-asses your life and your mindset. This hour or two of self help can be life changing. 


If you're into meditation:

Take at least half an hour to meditate in a quiet place with no distractions. Calm your mind, visualise yourself releasing negative energy and breathing in a white light of positive energy. 

Try to get yourself to a state of nothing, so you're seeing nothing and you're thinking nothing. Ask the Universe (or whatever you believe in) to clear your mind and to help you focus on what is important. If you don't know what you need to be focusing on in your life, ask for guidance. 

Guided meditations that I recommend: 

(This is just music, but the frequency (852 Hz is connected to the principle of Light, and Light is a higher form of bioenergy.

This frequency can be used as a means for opening up communication with your higher self and awaken your intuition and inner strength. This frequency can be used to cleanse trapped negative energy and dissolve fear, overthinking and worries.)

If you're not into meditation: 

Still find a quiet calm place to sit. Take in your surroundings and think about what you love about your life, and what you don't. Become clear about how you want to spend your time and how you want to use your energy. 

You could also try one of the guided meditations above and see if you like it! I used to turn my nose up at meditation, but after I tried it and experienced instant results it was hard to stop! 


The Law of Attraction states that you cannot attract anything new into your life if you're not 100% grateful for what you already have. Now, you can't be cheeky with the Law of Attraction. You can't just say 'okay yeah, I'm grateful for my house,' but be thinking in your mind 'I hate this old dump.' It's not going to work like that. 

You need to get yourself to a state of being SO genuinely grateful. Do what you need to do to get there. What about the memories that house has given you? The happy times you spent in it? How the paint reminds you of your family home growing up. Look around, and do whatever it takes to get yourself to a state of gratefulness. 

Now write down everything you're grateful for. This is SO powerful. I'm talking EVERYTHING from the safety and health of you and your family, to the money in your bank account, to the clothes you own, to the book you're going to read that night, to the person that smiled at you earlier, to the time you have to relax etc.  

If you haven't read my blog on the 30 Day Gratefulness Challenge - Click here. - It literally changed my life! 


One of my New Years Resolutions was to stop sweating the small stuff, and I tell ya what! I am loving it. Now that I'm making a conscious effort to focus on the positives and not giving small issues the time of day, I realise how much time and negative energy I was wasting stressing on these tiny things! Think about all the times you have wasted in the past stressing about things that don't matter at all now. 


Visualisation is not only fun, inspiring and exciting, it is productive! Visualising what you want puts you on an amazing frequency and sends you on the way to receiving the good stuff in life! 

Visualising can be done at anytime - while meditating, while on the bus, while reading or while on your lunch break. Although, the most powerful time to visualise is when you first wake, or when you're about to fall asleep. 

For those of you who don't know what visualising is, it's basically imagining what you want. Creating a little movie in your mind and playing it out exactly how you want your life to go. Remember, your mind can't tell the difference between imagination and real life - so trick it!  


To receive and to fully change your mindset you need to believe that you're worth it all. You need to EXPECT all of this amazing stuff. If you don't believe, you won't receive! 

Wake up every morning with a thankful heart knowing that good things are on their way to you.


It doesn't just end after this little session unfortunately. You can't just take an hour out and your hard work is done. While the time you take to complete these steps will play a huge part in resetting your mindset and you will feel instantly refreshed, you need to remind yourself each day about what you want and who you are. 

Self talk is a vital exercise in your minds health. Telling yourself you are something and believing it is SO powerful. 

Figure out what mantras work for you and for what you want. Say them over and over, and really BELIEVE what you're saying! 

Some examples:

  • I am loved
  • I am focused
  • I am succesful
  • I am healthy
  • I am worthy
  • I am abundant
  • I am happy
  • I am relaxed
  • I believe in myself
  • My mind is clear
  • I only focus on the good
  • I am finding it easy to stay positive
  • Everything is working out how it should
  • I am thankful for the Universe's guidance
  • I am thankful that everything is under control 

Cleo xx

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